Our dedicated team comprises of well qualified and very competent people with extensive knowledge and experience. Our Team expertise helps us to to serve our clients to their immense satisfaction. key members of our firm are as follows:
Sl No. Name of Partner Qualifications Mobile No. E-mail Address
1. G. Balasubramaniam FCA, DISA,(ICAI) 9444079453
2. R. Lakshmi Narasimhan FCA 9381053701  
3. E.Ravi Sarma FCA 9940661209  
4. C. Ramesh FCA, DISA,(ICAI) CISA 9840873376  
5. C. Suresh FCA 9443354557  
6. Saradhamani Ganesan ACS, FCA, DISA,(ICAI) 9444185515  
7. S. Mohan FCA 9840224680  
8. S. Neelakandan FCA 9884162910  
9. K. Krithivasan FCA 9382187733  
10. K. Somaskandan FCA 9444562825  
11. R.H.S. Ramakrishnan FCA 9840783752  
Qualified Chartered Accountant and other retired bank employees are also part of the strong team.
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